IBM Security Unveils Free Service to Protect Businesses

IBM Security at the side of non-profit analysis organisation Packet financial organisation (PCH) and also the international Cyber Alliance (GCA) on weekday launched a free service to produce customers and businesses further privacy and security protection.

The new “Quad9 name System” (DNS) service can shield users from accessing countless malicious websites illustrious to steal personal data, infect users with ransomware and malware, or conduct fallacious activity.

“With Quad9, we’re putt that knowledge to figure for the trade in AN open means and any enriching those insights via the community of users,” aforesaid Jim Brennan, vice chairman, Strategy and giving Management, IBM Security.

“Quad9” provides an automatic security resolution.

Every web site includes a distinctive numerical address – called AN information science address.

To make it easier to navigate the web, those numeric addresses area unit translated to company names or words we are able to bear in mind, perceive and search.

“Quad9” helps translate those numeric addresses into the URLs we have a tendency to area unit all aware of, whereas adding in a very layer of security and privacy before users land on the net address.

Protecting against attacks by block them through DNS has been offered for a protracted time, however has not been used wide.

“Quad9 is unforgettable, simple to use, depends on glorious and broad threat data, protects privacy, and security and is free,” additional prince Reitinger, President and CEO of the worldwide Cyber Alliance.