5 Reasons why Drupal is Better than Other CMS

Choosing an acceptable content management system is crucial for any business. If you wish to spice up your web presence, you wish to enhance your visibility, which suggests your web site has to be perpetually updated. With the assistance of a content management system, you’ll not solely improve the visibility of the web site, however conjointly perform different things to any your complete on the web platform.

When time and price ar the deciding factors to decide on a CMS, Drupal simply fits the bill. There ar many reasons why Drupal is taken into account to be the simplest CMS presently out there within the market. It positively is healthier than several others gift and here ar five reasons why we expect Drupal is healthier.

Control and Customization

Drupal is powerful, and you have got the whole management in your hands. in comparison with WordPress (which is considered associate easy-to-use CMS), Drupal could seem troublesome for the beginner. but with time, Drupal development has seen varied changes that has created it straightforward for the user while not compromising on its powerful options. whether or not you wish to run a straightforward diary website or associate interactive platform, Drupal will work sort of a glove to your demands. No wonder, everybody right from the White House to LinkedIn, Tesla, the yankee NGO (and several more) ar victimisation this platform.


Security could be a sore purpose among web site developers. each CMS looks to own problems with security. In spite of all security issues, Drupal scores slightly additional points on this conceive it offers enterprise level security and website scale. Since Drupal is associate open supply CMS, there ar thousands of developers indefatigably operating to repair bugs and improve the safety. several government websites ar designed on Drupal that proves that its security is tight and can’t be simply broken.


A website is merely booming once the end-users will use it while not anticipating the pages to load. If this can be a priority, Drupal outshines others quite effectively. The CMS is technically additional advanced than WordPress and Joomla, while not victimisation too several of the out there system resources. All of this ensures that Drupal’s performance is incredibly sensible. The reaction time is additionally quicker than several different websites. although plug-ins and different add-ons will have an effect on the performance, an honest Drupal development company in India will simply fix such problems.

SEO Friendly

Drupal is made victimisation clean codes and has powerful modules. each these factors create Drupal SEO friendly. although there ar many ways in which to spice up the SEO of a CMS (by putting in third party SEO modules), its core structure is thus clean in itself that websites mechanically get sensible rankings.

Good for e-Commerce

When you need to create a web store, Drupal is well the higher CMS for this job. There ar many eCommerce modules and payment gateways that may simply be added to the core Drupal framework. Everything around Drupal could be a breeze – payment entrance, looking carts, supply handling, client CRM, etc.