Why Use AdWords? Here Are 10 Reasons

The Effectiveness of Google Ads

“Why use AdWords” and “Does Google AdWords Work?” ar pretty common keyword phrase searched on Google, that suggests that there ar plenty of marketers and business homeowners out there WHO have detected regarding Google AdWords however aren’t certain if and the way it will work for them. we have a tendency to believe that AdWords – Google’s tremendously flourishing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system – will work for pretty much any sort of business. victimization AdWords (or any PPC platform) needs time and cash, however thousands of companies have found that it’s time and cash well spent, as a result of AdWords delivers measurable ROI. We’ve devoted incalculable pages to however you must use AdWords. during this post, we’ll answer the question of why you must use it.

Before any of our SEO-loving readers stand up in arms, let Pine Tree State preface this by oral communication that we’re not advocating that you just do PPC to the exclusion of different selling activities. As always, we have a tendency to suggest a healthy balance of promoting channels, together with organic search (check out our recent 10-step guide to ranking for a keyword), email selling, events, social media and different lead sources. however you apportion your selling budget can rely on that channels prove to be handiest for your business.

But if you’ve ne’er used Google AdWords before, and you’re speculative whether or not or not it’s worthy, this post is for you. Here ar ten reasons to use AdWords.

1. AdWords Is climbable

One of the trickiest challenges for any vender is finding lead sources that scale – that means, it doesn’t need 5 times the trouble to urge 5 times the leads. Google AdWords is very climbable, that is why some business pay various bucks a year on AdWords advertising. If you produce associate AdWords campaign that’s changing at a profitable rate, there’s no reason to indiscriminately cap pay on it campaign. you’ll be able to increase your PPC budget and your leads and profits can increase consequently. This makes AdWords extremely effective for businesses that require plenty of leads however ar short on time and heads.

2. AdWords Is Measurable

Compared to ancient selling channels like TV and magazine advertising, on-line selling is very measureable, and AdWords PPC is one amongst the foremost measurable of on-line channels. It’s tough to form precise measurements in SEO as a result of you can’t invariably recognize what actions light-emitting diode to enhanced or slashed rankings. Then there’s the entire “not provided” collapse. Social media may be equally tough to live. as compared, AdWords is a lot of clear, providing a lot of PPC metrics that permit you to check at a granular level what works and what doesn’t. you’ll be able to pretty quickly verify if your campaigns ar ingestion or returning ROI.

3. AdWords Is versatile

AdWords provides a lot of choices thus you’ll be able to customise your campaigns and ads to your specific wants, hyper-targeting the audiences you most wish to achieve. for instance, with AdWords you can:

Specify keyword match varieties – you’ll be able to, for instance, solely show your ad to folks that hunt for a particular keyword you specify, like “vegas hotels” – filtering out traffic on general terms associated with Las Vegas or hotels. (SEO, on the opposite hand, is aspirational; you can’t outline what you rank for, you’ll be able to solely hope for the most effective.)

Use ad extensions to show product pictures, a number, a mega-pack of links to your website, your physical location – you’ll be able to even initiate a conversation or get associate email address right from the SERP.
slim your audience by location, time of day, language, browser or device kind and a lot of. an honest portion of your SEO traffic is also chaffy to you (for example, if you simply would like US-based leads, and 0.5 your internet traffic comes from Australia), however in AdWords, you don’t need to show your ads round the world.
Access a vast network of non-search users on properties like Gmail and YouTube and a lot of partner sites.
Leverage the show network, that is nice for building complete awareness and infrequently converts at a lower value than Google Search.

4. AdWords is quicker than SEO

For new businesses and websites, it will take months to check results from SEO. This perceived “penalty” wont to be said because the Google sandbox result – individuals assumed Google was on purpose filtering new websites out of the results. a lot of doubtless the matter is that competition is fierce and it takes time for an internet site to “prove” itself and earn authority and links.

AdWords may be a nice workaround for brand new businesses as a result of you don’t need to wait around ciao to check results. whereas engaged on your site’s SEO, you’ll be able to place resources into associate AdWords campaign and begin obtaining impressions and clicks at once. as a result of it’s thus speedy, it’s conjointly an honest thanks to check whether or not a given keyword or audience is price pursing via organic search – if it converts well in AdWords, you’ll be able to deduce that it’s price making an attempt to rank for in SEO and build out your content therein space. (Just one amongst the ways in which AdWords and SEO ar 2 nice styles that taste nice along.)

5. AdWords Is (Usually) Easier than SEO

Larry has argued within the past that SEO is far more durable than PPC. His arguments were met with disagreement, however in all probability a lot of attributable to however he aforesaid them than what he was oral communication. Here ar WordStream, we’re seasoned practitioners of each SEO and PPC. And currently that our PPC campaigns ar engineered and in situ, we discover they need a lot of less effort to keep up than our SEO efforts. Not solely is our huge beast of an internet site terribly tough to stay up thus far (which plagues me), however so as to extend organic traffic, it takes a team of 3-5 perpetually churning out SEO content, engaged on improvement and building links. It’s fun, artistic and rewardable once it works – however it’s conjointly a relief to understand that we are able to rely on PPC to deliver leads while not all the hoops to leap through.

AdWords is additionally in all probability easier to be told as a result of there’s less contradictory data out there. If you’re not within the trade, it may be arduous as a vender to understand that sources ar honest and that ar simply marketing proverbial snake oil. On the opposite hand, there isn’t an entire trade engineered around “gaming” AdWords. verify our AdWords Learning Center for facilitate obtaining started.

6. AdWords Is absorbing the SERPs

AdWords is Google’s baby (it ought to be – it accounts for regarding ninety seven of their revenues), and over time the SERP has modified so a lot of and a lot of above-the-fold realty is given to ads instead of organic results. this could be frustrating each for SEOs and users. however if you have interaction in PPC, it’s not all bad! It’s a chance for you to urge your message high on the SERP in an exceedingly extremely clickable means – it’s a story that nobody clicks on AdWords ads. For queries with high industrial intent (hint: those ar those you’d wish to be advertising on), sponsored ads take up to a pair of out of three clicks on the primary page.

7. AdWords Formats may be a lot of participating than Organic Results

Google has unrolled immeasurable new ad formats within the past few years, like product listing ads and in-video ads on YouTube. Google is actuated to try and do this as a result of shinier, a lot of participating ads get a lot of clicks which suggests that a lot of revenue for Google. however higher clicks ar sensible for the advertizer too, thus cash in of those new ad formats and extensions. Organic listings look pretty boring as compared.

8. AdWords Traffic would possibly Convert higher than Organic Traffic

Hey, organic traffic is nice, we have a tendency to don’t knock it! however there’s some proof that paid search traffic converts higher than organic traffic – with conversion rates up to 2 times higher. (Conversion rates vary by trade, and as invariably, this might not be true for your specific business, however you won’t recognize till you are trying.) this can be in all probability attributable to the actual fact that paid search traffic is a lot of targeted and qualified (due to those targeting choices we have a tendency to talked regarding above), which queries that end in ad clicks ar rather more doubtless to be industrial in nature, instead of informational.

9. AdWords enhances Your different selling Channels

AdWords is complementary to your different selling efforts. Remarketing is associate particularly powerful thanks to use AdWords to focus on folks that have shown associate interest in your business. With AdWords remarketing, you’ll be able to track past guests to your web site with a cookie (these individuals might have found you thru social media, your blog, a click on a product page from a forwarded email, etc.). Your show ads can then “follow” them round the net, thus your complete stays high of mind.

10. Your Competitors ar victimization AdWords

Finally, there’s peer pressure: The recent “Everyone else is doing it, thus why not you?” argument. It doesn’t work for jumping off a geological formation, however it’s persuasive once it involves computer programme selling. Covario recently according that world paid search disbursal enhanced by thirty third within the third quarter of 2012, year over year. in step with a study by NetElixer, that checked out information from thirty eight massive U.S. retailers and one hundred twenty million search ad impressions, “revenue driven by paid search on Black weekday rose a powerful thirty first year-over-year as advertisers endowed twenty first a lot of in keyword advertising than they did in 2011.” Do many searches on keywords you care regarding. Your competitors ar doubtless there within the sponsored results at the highest of the SERP.