10 Reasons to Use Joomla!


There area unit several content management systems (CMS) out there like Symphony, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. a number of these CMS area unit free and ASCII text file and a few area unit proprietary. These CMS area unit quite totally different from one another base on their computer programme and options however a number of them even have common functionalities and options.

Although there area unit lots of CMS out there, this text can specialize in the triumph CMS that isn’t any apart from Joomla. it’s aforesaid that Joomla already powers around a pair of.7% of the biggest websites within the world (well, that’s in step with Joomla Evaluator’s Documentation that I even have browse whereas i used to be doing my research). once you attempt to browse websites on-line, you would possibly observe that Joomla is employed to form websites of various sorts.

Actually, I’ve been exploitation Joomla for fast net development since i used to be in faculty. At that point, Joomla version one.5 was recently discharged and it became the foremost common CMS for IT students in our college. I admit I’m fully a beginner once it involves exploitation WordPress, thus I can’t very compare it to Joomla for currently. however the main target of this text isn’t to check Joomla with different CMS, thus bear with Pine Tree State and contemplate the subsequent ten sensible reasons to use Joomla:

  • Joomla is free and open supply software system – this can be one amongst the explanations that build Joomla nice. it’s fully accessible to everybody as a result of it doesn’t value you a penny and you’ll be able to transfer the ASCII text file and have unrestricted rights on the software system itself. you’ll be able to run it, study it, modify it, distribute it and even improve it.
  • Joomla is extremely customizable – with Joomla, you’ll be able to simply customise or manage the header of the web site, logo, footer, pictures and different contents of your web site.
  • Joomla is protractile – you’ll be able to simply add elements, plug-ins, templates and modules with Joomla and since Joomla is ASCII text file, you’ll be able to alter the ASCII text file to fit your individual necessities. Moreover, there area unit various Joomla extensions that you just will transfer that permits you to reinforce the capabilities of your web site.
  • Joomla has an internet forum and a growing community of users and developers – once you use Joomla, you may be assured that there’s support even within the future as a result of there area unit lots of users and developers. the web forum permits you to simply post discussions, feedbacks and issues concerning the software system thus if you would like facilitate with one thing, simply act with different users through the forum and you may be able to acquire help from them.
  • Joomla is simple to use – Joomla is easy and it’s a pleasant interface thus this implies that you just will quickly build websites for your shoppers exploitation Joomla.
  • Joomla has nice templates accessible for gratis transfer.
  • Joomla is simple to put in associate degreed set-up even though you’re not associate degree advance user of this CMS otherwise you are an inexperienced user of the other CMS.
  • Joomla will assist you build SEO friendly websites.
  • Joomla is alleged to own a awfully powerful application framework that makes it simple for developers to form add-ons to suit their wants.
  • Joomla relies on PHP and MySQL that area unit all open supply – this is able to mean low development value on your facet as a result of you are doing not got to acquire the software system product that you just use on making your websites.

This article has simply conferred the ten sensible reasons to use Joomla. I admit that there area unit lots of CMS that I haven’t explored however however hopefully, I’ll be able to examine additional CMS within the future and be able to give a comparison of the various CMS that i exploit. For now, whenever i want to quickly build a web site, i’ll simply got to use Joomla that I trust most of the time.