Hostel Management Module allows you to manage all the specified details of the hostel.

These features allows you to:

  • Manage all the School/College hostels efficiently.
  • Manage different students and teachers in several hostels and allocate different rooms to different students.
  • Keep a documentation of hostel ins and outs.
  • Keep a documentation of hostel consumables and durables efficiently.
  • Create Customized Reports for further reference.

Our Process

Hostel management is a crucial feature in both large and tiny institutions because it involves efficiently managing several aspects of the entire residential facility and reducing staff and manual work. This has been created to help the varsity or school staff and thus the scholar to easily register and use the facilities while keeping track of their activities within the premises.

Key features of Hostel Management Software:

  • Hostel infrastructure
  • Mess management (stock and buy of goods)
  • Registered students
  • Payroll
  • Attendance report
  • Student address list