Some of the questions we get asked most often are – what’s a Hospital Management Solution? How is that this different from HIMS? What does one mean by Open Source Hospital Management Software? What do people mean once they say that they need a web Hospital Management Solution? As a doctor, or hospital / nursing home/ clinic owner, it’s difficult to know what exactly you’re trying to find , and which solution will fit the bill.

Hospital Management Software, HMIS, HIS, HIMS, Hospital Information Solution – these are all names for an equivalent thing. what’s this? A software solution running on computers in your hospital, which allows registration, billing, admission, discharge, management of stores, pharmacy and equipment to be done electronically within the hospital.

HIMS solutions range from simple billing systems to complex ERP solutions, where the whole hospital is paperless.

An online hospital management solution is just one that’s web based. this enables a user sitting at any computer to access the HIMS software employing a user ID and password – very almost like using your email.

Modules we offer :

  • Patient Registration
  • Help Desk / Enquiry Management
  • Appointment & Scheduling
  • Casualty & Emergency Management
  • Doctor Fee Management
  • Discharge Management / Discharge Summary
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Blood Bank Management