We put your ads on the top of search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo – when people are searching for products or services you offer. As a Google Partner, we create very High Quality campaigns for your business. Our team of experienced professionals will optimize your campaigns on ongoing basis to drive the best ROI – in terms of web conversions and phone calls.

Our PPC team have been managing PPC advertising for numerous accounts over the past few years. Over this time we have developed our own unique methodology for analyzing and optimizing campaigns from the small start-ups (with ambitious growth plans) to the very large established leaders in their sector.

For more information about PPC Advertising, please speak to an expert on +91-97899 04600 or get a quote online.


What you can expect from our PPC Management

We are an experienced and talented team of passionate consultants. Our team of marketers includes technical leads, creative’s, writers, designers and developers. We have worked in the most competitive industries, in many locations around the world, with both household brands and small and medium sized businesses. We believe in building long-term relationships with clients, based upon shared ideals and success. Our agency provides the following and more:

PPC Strategy

To tailor a PPC campaign that’s right for you, we will get to know your business, industry sector, competitors and UPS’s. Then we will work with you to develop a strategy that’s going to deliver the results you need.



We will work to deliver that strategy by building out your existing campaigns across Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines. We will create the needed advertising accounts across networks as needed.



We’ll ensure you’re targeting the most appropriate keywords and not wasting spend. We use sophisticated techniques ensuring you cover the full search landscape but avoid the areas which aren’t right for your business.


Adcopy Writing

We ensure your adverts are tightly focused to the ad group’s keywords and to the landing pages on your website with a strong call to action and continuous testing we can be sure you’re getting the right traffic at the lowest cost you could pay.


Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have become a vital part of the PPC arsenal. Ad extensions transform your adtext and give you the opportunity to stand out, over your competitors. If you’re not using ad extensions in today’s bid landscape, then you’re missing a trick..



Without the right data, optimising a PPC campaign would just be a shot in the dark, so one of the very first things we do is to make sure the tracking is setup properly, giving us all the data we need to optimize the accounts going forward.


PPC Optimization

Ongoing optimization will continually refine and focus the campaign to push the performance boundaries. Attention to detail is the key; We have custom tools built in-house to identify opportunities and improve your campaigns to drive ROI.


24×7 Reporting

We provide a 24×7 dashboard with reports that provide meaningful insights into the performance of PPC campaigns – cost per sale, cost per lead, geographical regions driving web traffic, trends of CPCs, CTRs, ad spend & more.




Why Choose PPC ?

  • ROI Driven platform
    8 out of 10 web sessions online begin with the search on search engines. 80% of people research online about businesses offering products/services, before deciding to connect with the business to find out more. PPC Advertising enables businesses of any size to appear on first page of Google/Bing/Yahoo, when audience is searching for businesses to engage with.
  • Targeted Exposure
    Pay per Click Advertising gives you the option to choose your keywords, geographical regions and even set specific times for when your ad will show to increase effectiveness and ROI from the PPC campaigns.
  • Higher Conversion
    Reaching out to the targeted audience online on a consistent and cost-effective basis, produces high ROI.
  • Immediacy
    Your ad appears immediately within 15 minutes the campaigns are launched.
  • Detailed Reports
    You can assess how well your campaigns do via reports produced on a regular basis. You can find out the conversion rates and cost effectiveness of your ads down to the keyword level.
  • Cheaper Alternative To Traditional Advertising
    Compared to television, newspaper or magazine advertising, PPC is way cheaper and result oriented.